Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision ( 使命及視野 }:

奧斯汀中華聯誼會 Chinese Society of Austin, 簡稱CSA.  奧斯汀中華聯誼會正式成立於1996年, 是美國德克薩斯州首府奧斯汀市最早的華人組織之一.

CSA 的宗旨是致力於服務奧斯汀華裔, 團結來自中國大陸, 台灣和香港各地的華裔美國人, 搭建友誼的平台, 促進華裔與美國主流社會的互動, 增進華裔在美國經濟, 文化和藝術等領域的影響力.  CSA每年都舉辦大型晚會, 慶祝中國農曆新年和中秋節, 弘揚中華傳統文化;  參與社區活動, 幫助弱勢社群, 服務新老移民, 提升華人在社區中的形象.

CSA 一直倍受奧斯汀華裔的歡迎, 也多次受到市政府的嘉獎.  為了更好地傳承中華文化, 為了華裔在美國生活更美好, CSA 將在多方面做積極的探索和努力.


奧斯汀中华联谊会 Chinese Society of Austin 简称CSA。奧斯汀中华联谊会正式成立于1996年,是美国德克萨斯州首府奧斯汀市最早的华人组织之一。


CSA一直倍受奥斯汀华裔的欢迎,也多次受到市政府的嘉奖。 为了更好地传承中华文化,为了华裔在美国生活更美好,CSA将在多方面做积极的探索和努力。


The Chinese Society of Austin (CSA), established in 1996, is one of the oldest Chinese organizations in Austin.  Our vision and mission include the following:

  • to serve the Chinese American communities in greater Austin and its surrounding areas,
  • to promote unity among Chinese Americans from China , Taiwan, Hong Kong and other parts of the world,
  • to enhance friendships, communication and assistance among Chinese Americans ,
  • to increase the influence of Chinese Americans in economic, cultural, industrial, and high technological sectors of American society.

CSA organizes annual celebration for Chinese New Year, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Chinese cultural exhibition.  Our goal is to promote the traditional Chinese culture in the Austin community, to promote the social status and image of Chinese Americans, and to serve both old and new Chinese immigrants.

We deeply appreciate the public support, compliments, and service awards from the City of Austin and from the State of Texas.  CSA will continue to work hard and find new venues to best serve the Chinese American community in Greater Austin.