CSA Board of Directors

President : Shelley Chen  陳兆香

Shelley Jauh-Shiang Chen is a Taiwanese native and a world premier performer in music.  Shelley earned her master's in Music performance from the Texas State University in San Marcos and another degree in Voice and Piano from UT-Austin.  She has received extensive performance training from Japan MUSASHINO Conservatory, Shu-Te Girl's private school in Taiwan and Royal Schools of Music in London.  She was a KAWAI certified music teacher, a conductor, a broadcast station host and an opera signer in Taiwan.  Shelley currently teaches at the Huston-Tilloston University, Ch'ien Chin Primary School and Austin Eco Bilingual School (Jardin de Ninos Interlingua Spanish Immersion LLC).  Shelley is the founder and music art director for Austin Chanson Choir.  She is the president of Austin Hakka Association, Board of Director for the multicultural Artists Partnership, a non-profit artist's organization in Austin and Board Consultant for Asian Artist .

Vice President/Webmaster: Alex Pong  龐永昌

Alex came from Hong Kong at age 16.  He received his Business Administration degree from San Jose State University.  Alex took a job at UT-Austin in 1991 and has since had progressive advancement. Alex manages the graduate school application process for international students. He was the Staff Co-Chair for the Asian and Asian American Faculty and Staff Assoc. at UT.  He is active in Catholic church fraternal organization and has had responsibilities as Chancellor, Grand Knight, Trustee and most currently Depty Grand Knight.  He was the first Chinese to hold the position in the council of Saint Mary Catholic Church, Austin.  Alex enjoys reading, cycling, cross country driving, hiking, Texas BBQ, and Chinese chess.  Alex and his wife, Doreen and two daughters enjoy living in Austin with their favorite cat " Bevo ".

Vice President : Danny Chen 陳彥甫

Secretary : Jo-Chun Chiu 邱若君

Jo-Chun Chiu moved to the United States in 1990 after getting married. She graduated from Texas State University (then called Southwest Texas State University) with a master's degree in computer science. She currently works for Texas State Government. She has served as a director of the Chinese Society of Austin since 2018.

Treasurer/Honorary President/ Board of Review: Li Li  李莉

Li Li served as the President of CSA from 2012 to 2016 and has been involved in Asian Community service since 2008.  Li Li moved from China 20 years ago.  She learned English, went to school and held down several jobs in the engineering field.  When she moved to Austin in 1999, she was a working Mom with a busy job as a software engineer on level 3 support.  It was not until she started volunteering in community services, Li Li felt like her life was a lot more enriching and her vision was broadened.  She is thankful that she has met so many wonderful, talented and smart people through various community service events.   Many of them have become her friends for life.  Li Li really enjoys serving CSA and shares the passion and vision of helping Chinese American communities.  Li Li believes she has had great personal development through her community involvement.  Li Li has a daughter who is a dentist in New York.  In her spare time, Li Li likes Chinese calligraphy, painting, reading, sewing and walking.

Honorary President/Board of Review: Millie Chu  陳笑如

Millie Chu grew up in Hong Kong.  She has served as vice president at the inception of CSA in 1996, and as president during 1998-2000. She has been active in supporting CSA for the last 20 years. Millie was actively involved in The Network of Asian American Organization (NAAO) in its early years and served as treasurer and was the project manager for the first community grant awarded by the City of Austin to NAAO. Millie and her husband, Frank Lam, a prominent structural engineer in Austin, have both been very supportive of the CSA and contributed greatly to the Chinese Americans community over the years.  Millie is a great chef and has a great taste for fashion and interior designs.

Honorary President: George Chang  張其棟

George is a retired engineering consultant and former supervising engineer at the City of Austin and State of Texas.  George has a PhD in Engineering Composite (Civil & Mechanical).  He is currently the Vice Chairman for Asian Contractor Association.  He was the President for CSA (2003~2004), President for Chinese Asso. (1975~1977), Presidents for Network of Asian American Organization and Texas Asian American Chamber of Commerce.  He was also a Member on the Citizens Review Board, City of Austin Police Monitors Office.  George enjoys gourmet food; travel, watching movies & football games.

Director: Terry Chang  錢德全

Terry served as vice president for the CSA (2012 - 2016) and has been instrumental in CSA event planning over the years.  Terry was a registered nurse with a degree from National Defense Medical Center in Taiwan.  She moved to the US with her 3 children in early 70s and set her root down in Austin.  She spent the last 20 years of her career at Motorola.  She enjoys travel and playing Chinese Mahjong with her fr

Director: Serena Chao 巢舒怡

Serena came to the United States to study for a master’s degree in epidemiology in 1994.  After graduation, she worked as an underwriter for a life and health insurance company in Houston. After getting married, she moved to Austin and gave birth to two sons.  Now, she is working as a billing specialist and manager in an orthopedic insole clinic. When her sons is in Chinese School, she served as the parent chairperson, the director of school affairs, and the deputy principal. Currently, she is the advisor teacher of Austin FASCA ( Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors ), leading the Taiwanese American High School students in Taiwanese cultural promotion services.

Director: Min Wang 王敏

Min Wang is serving as a new board member of CSA in 2018. She is a graduate from a university in Shanghai, China. In 1990, Min moved to the United States and studied at Georgia Institute of Technology. Min is a TX state employee as a system analyst. Min enjoys participating in and serving the community. She likes chatting and getting together with her friends as well. Min is good-natured and very friendly and likes to meet new people.

Director: Elizabeth Chang 杜珮樺

Director: Brian Chen 陳揚清


QiQi Wang came to Texas at a young age and has embodied the best of both cultures, Chinese and American. QiQi has always believed in higher education and self enrichment for life: QiQi earned her Bachelor in Biology and Business Foundation Certificate from UT Austin, BS and Master in Clinical Laboratory Scientist from UTMB (University of Texas Medical Branch). QiQi has worked and volunteered in all kinds of trades since she was 13 years old. She went from a hostess at restaurants, a librarian, a scientist at universities/hospitals, and finally management position at a medical company. QiQi’s proudest accomplishments was when she worked with the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, where she performed brain surgeries on study subjects and with her mentor she published two scientific journals as a secondary author. However, the desire to help people, within a shorter time, has turned Qiqi’s passion to become a Clinical Laboratory Scientist where her work would make a more immediate impact on the people. Sure enough, the best part of Qiqi’s career was when she worked with physicians, pharmacists and medical school professors to carry out the clinical trials using different drugs, to improve/cure pediatric patients. There are always soft places in QiQi’s heart for kids and people who are in need of her help. The best accomplishment of QiQi’s life are her two respectful, kind and healthy children. A bit about QiQi, she is responsible, friendly, free spirited, funny and has boba tea daily.

Director Daniel Chen

Daniel is a serial entrepreneur and global citizen. Born in Taiwan, raised in Shanghai, and having studied in New York and New Jersey, Daniel is happy to bring his worldly perspectives to Austin, Texas. 

Though he has a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, his greater passions lie within marketing and business. He enjoys figuring out ways to help businesses run most efficiently so they can thrive and reach their greatest potential.

Daniel is also a well-known Youtube educator in the Taiwanese blockchain and NFT space, supporting the Mandarin-speaking community on safe practices and positive opportunities.

On top of crypto education and business consulting, he is also a real estate agent, whose mission is to show people the beauty of living in the heart of Texas. 

In his free time, Daniel finds joy in cooking delicious foods. He particularly enjoys making Taiwanese delicacies and snacks. Daniel also has 2 cute and fluffy cats that bring him happiness after a long day of work.

Director Jason Pai

Jason Pai came to America in 2010 and lived in San Antonio for eight years. During that time, he obtained his Criminology degree from A&M University-S.A. He served as a Public Relations Officer in the Taiwanese Association San Antonio Chapter/ Assistant Advisor in the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. His responsibilities include language task assistance, cross-nation liaison project, and synchronizing with university academics to conduct research activity. Projects are cross-culture, education, and the charity field. Working partners include foreign/ local government agencies, TV stations, and newspapers... He now lives in South Austin and works as a Mental Health Specialist for the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, sideline with restaurant businesses in Buda City.

Honorable Director : Lynn Yuan 袁​琳

Lynn Yuan (CCIM) is the founder and CEO of Real Capital Group-Austin 360 Home, a leading real estate investment firm focused on acquisition, development, and real estate portfolio management for Asian Investors. A long-time Austinite of more than 23 years, Lynn has extensive real estate experience and has established a strong network among both Asian investors and fund managers. Lynn is recognized as a local market expert in commercial and residential brokerage, investment management, development projects, and property management. Mrs. Yuan has clients and investors across the U.S. and Internationally. Prior to beginning her full time real estate career in early 2000, Lynn spent almost 20 years as a program management onal for Fortune 500 technology companies. Lynn serves as Board of Director for Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce (GAACC), Director of Asian American Resource Center (AARC) and VP for Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA).